Enzo De Vincentis

enzo-devincentisEnzo was born in 1951 in Melbourne, Australia, he is married (31 years) to Loretta and resides in Lilydale, Victoria. Enzo was Born Again as a Christian in 1983 and immediately attended Life Ministry Centre in Chirnside Park, Melbourne where he became involved in reaching out to the lost virtually from day one.

In 1985 Enzo and his wife attended Life Ministry Bible College for twelve months and upon graduation he received a Diploma of Ministry. They immediately made themselves available to the Church to minister in whatever capacity they saw fit and as such were involved in a number of years as the ‘follow up team’. Their role was to welcome new people into the Church and make available all of the resources needed to see them settle in and be part of the Body of Christ.

Enzo was ordained as an assistant Pastor and remained in this role till 1993 when they left the Church with their Blessing to commence an outreach in South Morang, Melbourne along with two other couples. In 1999 the Lord called them out and became briefly involved with another Church in Ringwood, Melbourne, after which they returned to Life Ministry Centre where Enzo became involved in street ministry for a number of years.

Enzo is now associated with Dominion Grace Ministries of Colorado, USA (founder Joe and Elsa Funaro) and  is an ordained Minister of Dominion Grace Ministries.

Some time ago the Lord impressed upon Enzo’s heart to “Preach Life to the unsaved and Fire to the Church”. It is his desire to fulfill this calling by making himself available to both individuals and organisations who wish to be equipped to carry out the work of the Ministry.